Unifit Xtra Vacuum bag – UNI – 24X


Xtra filtration:

Xtra micro filter bags absorb dust and filter the regular paper bags.

Xtra Hygiene:

Xtra micro filter bags help provide a cleaner home by retaining more fine dust particles than regular paper bags.

Xtra Capacity:

Xtra micro filter bags conform perfectly to the shape of the cleaner and have increased capacity and a longer usage life than regular paper bags.

Xtra strength:

Xtra micro filter bags are ultra sonically seating and offer greater resistance to bursting or tearing than regular paper bags.



Unifit Xtra vacuum bag designed to fit Nilfisk* canister :

GA70, GS80,GM80,GS90,GM90,GD90C

Part no: UNI – 24X



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