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DOFF Tomato Feed Concentrate 1 Litre


Doff’s Tomato Feed Concentrate helps to get great results from tomato plants.

Makes up to 300LTRS

Containing natural seaweed extract with micro-nutrients, it helps to stimulate germination, rooting and general plant health. A healthy plant is far better able to withstand any disease or pest infestation.

The plant feed contains Nitrogen for healthy leaf growth, Phosphorus for strong roots, Potassium for an abundance of flowers and fruit. It also contains liquid seaweed extract and magnesium.

The feed is suitable for use with all tomatoes, whether grown in the ground, in grow bags, or planters. Doff’s Tomato Feed will encourage healthy plants to give succulent delicious fruits.

Supplied in a concentrated liquid.

Dilute: 1 capful (15ml) per 7 litres of water.
Use: March to September.
Size: 1 litre.
Coverage: 1 litre makes up to 466 litres.

There’s nothing better than a juicy, flavoursome tomato, fresh from the plant.

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Doff Tomato Feed Concentrate is a high potash feed, essential for maximum growth of tomatoes and full-flavoured fruit. It has added seaweed and magnesium for healthy plant establishment.

This tomato feed is ideal for feeding tomatoes that are planted outdoors and in growbags. Flowering pot plants will also benefit from the high potash feed in the development of bigger, healthier blooms.

Contains: Fertiliser NPK 4:5:8 with added seaweed and magnesium.


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