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Johnstones exclusive Gallery Collection

Here at Skerries Hardware and Pet Centre we are delighted to be one of the lucky few to sell Johnstone’s exclusive Gallery Collection.

The Gallery Collection from Johnstone’s has been inspired by this land of ours with its natural beauty, mesmerising landscapes, tales of ancient past and modern day life.

Each of the colours has a story to tell – so bring your love of Ireland in your home today and tell your own story with our beautiful collection.

Grey- at the Forefront of design

Since the middle ages, grey has symbolised elegance and wealth and was frequently used by Renaissance painters.

During the 18th century, the nobility wore grey fashions in luminous silk and satins.

For interiors grey is subtle yet creative and creates a mood of stillness and calm in any room.

Causeway Grey

Pic: Giant’s Causeway, Co.Antrim

Inspired by duelling giants from across the sea and a long distance love, The Johnstones Gallery Collection of Causeway Grey have their roots firmly in Irish mythology.

Rising from the haunted sea and blending into the landscape behind. The dark grey lunar landscapes of the causeway struck wonder into the hearts and souls of ancient folk.

Island life

Pic: Brandon Bay, Co.Kerry

When the limestone flags of the Burren begin to pall, make a break for the golden shades of the coastline. The famous golden colour comes from the iron oxide coating of the minuscule shell fragments that form the beaches around the coastline.

Hark back to childhood memories of long summer days on the beach with the Johnstone’s Gallery collection of yellow shades that give you a fresh perspective on the unique landscape.

Mermaid Myths

Surrounded by wild and enchanting coastline the west coast from Donegal to Cork is steeped in magic, adventure, history and beauty.

Pic: Coastline, Dingle Peninsular

Tales of mermaids full of grace, wearing gowns as white as sea form their hair glistening in the sun’s morning light.

From the darkest blue of the deep sea to the clear coastal water lapping the beaches, blue is one of most charming colours in our palette.

Enchanted Emeralds

The wild and windswept countryside inspired our beautiful collection of greens. It was the rugged wilderness and pastoral paradise that Yeats so often spoke of.

Pic: Glendalough, Co. Wicklow

A patchwork of lush meadows, glacial lakes and heather-topped mountains make up the glorious greens of the flora and fauna of the countryside.

Medieval Romance

Brooding ruins on windswept hills dating from the 11th century have inspired many romances throughout the years.

Pic: Doonagore Castle , Co. Clare

From star struck lovers locked in castle towers to banished courtesans, the Irish even have links to Saint Valentine himself.

Bring a love story into your home with luxurious neutrals alongside rich reds and deep mulberry tones.

Modern Ireland

Inhabited since Viking times Ireland’s cities have changed through the ages in to thriving urban spaces.

Pic: River Liffey, Co.Dublin

Modern glass buildings, linear parks and boardwalks echo its rich history while the city pulses with vibrant nightlife ,shopping districts and cutting edge business.

Our neutral palette is inspired by reflections in the River Liffey, contemporary architecture influences the taupe hues and tones of beige resemble light case on the Ha’Penney Bridge.

Check out the full collection in store and online NOW

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Johnstone’s Voice of Colour

Voice of Colour is a colour range carefully selected by our global colour team, utilising their knowledge and expertise of the latest trends.

This guide gives you a collection of new colour palettes which reflect those trends and are easy to bring to life in your home. As well as inspiring colour palettes, it also offers guidance on how to build the perfect colour scheme to work for you.

In addition to the trends in this guide, you can select from the extensive colour range on our colourwall in store. Or, if you’ve already found the perfect colours, simply bring them in for us to scan and match.

Remember we can scan and colour match items including your favourite wallpaper or cushion to give you your ideal colours.

Trusted by professional painters and decorators for over 125 years, we specialise in high performance trade paint and are dedicated to bringing you the very best products for your home.

Working with both highly skilled professionals and global colour experts to develop the most innovative products and latest colour trend, Johnstone’s Trade combines professional trade paint with professional colour inspiration.

2018/19 Colour Trends

Click on pictures below to find out more about each trend

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Johnstone’s Paint – The Commoner

This theme supports achieving a ‘less is more’ look.

One which can be easily updated with different furnishings, making it almost timeless.

The core colours of almost primary reds and blues, basic whites, earthy browns and greens, along with a balancing neutral, create a feel that is functional and minimalist.

If you like simple lines with natural materials, this looks will be perfect for you.

Ideal for Children’s playrooms and bedrooms

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Johnstone’s Voice of Colour – The Dream Weaver

The Core shades shown here are the stars of the Dream Weaver palette, expressing a hedonistic, care-free spirit.

The Dream Weaver theme is for those who live loud and revel in all that life has to offer.

The Dream Weave trend ideal for those who love bold colours and a daring fun ambiance.

The core colours reflect a care-free spirit that is about living loud and revelling in all that life has to offer.

Works well with plush textiles and rich colour.

Great for snugs and cool retreats

Check out the full range of colours in store now.

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Johnstone’s Paint Guild to Choosing Your Perfect Colour

With such an array of colours available, choosing a colour scheme can be overwhelming.

To help you easily achieve a well balanced scheme use the simple 60:30:10 ratio.

10% Accent/bold/strong colour

( trim & skirting, cushions or accessories )

30% Secondary Colour

( Feature walls and / or ceilings )

60% Main Colour

(main walls)

Take inspiration from colour trends palettes in the following posts and choose a scheme that works for you.

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Johnstone’s Voice of Colour – The Retreater

The Retreater trend

This trend will appeal to those who appreciate minimalism and quality over quantity.

It is perfect for achieving a look that is stylish yet low key, and will help create a feeling of comfort and softness.

The core colours are a mix of calming neutrals and warmer hues, which together create a relaxed and neutral feeling palette that put the mind at ease.

Pic: PPG

Pic: PPG
Pic: PPG

Check out all the beautiful shades in store now