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Easy Ways To Transform Your Home For Halloween

Easy Ways To Transform Your Home For Halloween - Halloween - Skerries Hardware and Pet Centre, 24 Thomas Hand Street, Skerries

As Halloween approaches, we have searched the internet to find the best and easiest ways to turn your home into a spooky mansion.

Ghostly treats

Draping your sweet bowl & coffee table in a white sheet can quickly transform a boring corner into a spooky ghost.

Cut three circles out of a black piece of paper & taping it to the sheet and Wah La you are done.

Hands Free Treats

Give your trick or treaters an extra surprise this year by simply

popping your sweets into disposable rubber gloves.

Monsters knocking at your door

Why not wrap your front door in some toilet roll or bandages to transform it into a spooky mummy.

Why not cut two spooky eyes and stick them behind the bandages to make it extra scary.

Spooky Faces

A party is nothing without a few balloons so why not add some

spooky faces to your party balloons to get in the Halloween spirit.

Spiders Nests

If you are looking for a spooky craft to do with the kids look no further then making some easy and terrifying spider nest decorations.

Simply dip a ball of thread in some PVA glue & wrap a balloon in a few layers.

When you have several layers of thread coating the balloons leave your balloon to dry.

Pop the balloon when the thread is dry to the touch & Ta Dha .

Adding a few plastic spiders and handing the webs around your home .

Mamma Mia

These mummy lanterns will give your guests a great fright and can be so easily made all you need is a few jam jars, Googly eyes & some bandages.

Simply wrap some bandages around your jam jars and secure with some tape or glue then pop some Googly eyes on top.

Why not add a tealight inside the jar & pop them out in your porch for a spooky surprise.