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Best Uses For The Pink Stuff

Best Use Around The House For The Pink Stuff - Cleaning - Skerries Hardware and Pet Centre, 24 Thomas Hand Street, Skerries

Since last week with the arrival of The Pink stuff into the store we have been overwhelmed with our customer’s tips and tricks to get the most of their magical Pink Stuff .

With that being said we have decided to make up a list of our top ten best uses of The Pink Stuff, all recommended by our lovely customers.

Now those of you that are not part of the #Hincharmy may be asking What is this stuff, so let us explain.

The Pink Stuff is a pink paste that is extremely versatile so it can be used to clean lots of different things in your home. That said, the method remains the same no matter what you’re cleaning just follow the simple steps.

Stardrops The Pink Stuff Hardworking Cream Cleaner Which Is Tough On Stains - Mrs Hinchs Favorite Cleaning Products - Skerries Hardware and Pet Centre

Scoop a bit of The Pink Stuff out of the pot using a cleaning cloth/sponge and spread the paste onto the surface you wish to clean in a circular motion.

Leave the product to work its magic for a few minutes and then simple rinse your cleaning cloth/sponge and remove the paste .

Make sure to rinse off all the remaining product thoroughly or you could be left with a smeary residue.

Oven Cleaner

Remove the oven racks and coat them with The Pink Stuff. Rub some more around the inside of your oven and cover the oven glass and leave for 10 minutes. You might need to scrub at the oven and racks to remove any burnt on food and grease, but it’ll be a lot easier than using any other product. Don’t forgot to thoroughly rinse all areas cleaned with The Pink Stuff.


No matter what type of hobs you have the Pink Stuff will remove burnt food,discoloration,rust and stains.

Red Wine Stains

We all know how much of a nightmare Red Wine stains can be but not to worry as the Pink Stuff is here to save the day. Remove the stains off your table with ease with The Pink Stuff.


Want your laminate floors to shine? Well again The Pink Stuff is here to save the day .
It may take a long time to scrub on your hands and knees but we have been told that the end results is well worth it. Finish by mopping any residue away.

Soap Scum & Limescale

Give your bathrooms a full clean with The Pink Stuff by giving your bath and shower a good scrub removing and loosening the scum and grime.


Make your sinks shine with a quick scrub of the Pink stuff removing watermarks and scum and bring your sinks back to its former glory .

Outdoor Furniture / Barbecue

Get your outdoor furniture and barbecue looking its best in time for the summer with a quick scrub of The Pink Stuff.
Best suited to cleaning metal furniture, not plastic. Just like the Oven rub the Pink stuff onto the racks
on your barbecue with a scourer and leave for 10 minutes. Rub it off and you’ll realise how much your Barbecue can really shine.


Do your saucepans have a brown tinge on the base or burnt on food well once again The Pink Stuff is here to save them.Coat any unsightly areas with The Pink Stuff and, with a little bit of time and scrubbing, they’ll be sparkling again!

Kitchen Cabinets 

Clean off marks on the inside and outside of your kitchen cupboards with this abrasive cleaning product. You’ll be able to remove food splatters and water stains in seconds.

Skirting Boards

Remove scuff marks from skirting boards in a matter of minutes. There’s no need to repaint them when you’ve got a tub of The Pink Stuff at the ready. 

The Pink Stuff seems to be the go-to all-purpose product and with these fantastic tips from our lovely customers, we will be trying it out ourselves. If you haven’t already be sure to pick up your tub of The Pink Stuff now.