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Great ways to get your garden ready for Spring

Christmas is well and truly over and it is coming to that time of year that the daffodil bulbs will begin to appear and the colour will start arriving back into your garden.
To ensure that your garden is ready for Spring be sure to follow our quick and easy gardening tips.

1. Remove all weeds

Whether its left-over weeds from last year or new ones that have sprouted up during the cold spell, it is vital to remove them now as the ground will still be soft from the winter.

2. Fertilize the flower beds

Once the frost has thawed from the ground be sure to apply granular fertilizer around the trees and shrubs.

3.Check trees for winter damage

Remove any broken, dead or storm-damaged branches. Also snip the tips off of any evergreens that have suffered tip diebacks from winter’s cold.

4.Rake leaves

Gather up the scattered leave from your paths and driveway.

5. Pop down to Skerries Hardware and Pet Centre and pick up some fresh seeds and plant them at the recommended time.